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January 21, 2010: The national DEPSCoR program ended in 2009. At this point, no further national DoD EPSCoR programs are anticipated and, consequently, no additional Kansas programs are planned.

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The DEPSCoR Program

The national DEPSCoR program emphasizes single investigator awards of high interest to DoD. Multiple investigator proposals are allowed but must clearly focus on a single project. Each DEPSCoR state submits a package of proposals for these individually fundable projects. Key considerations in the success of DEPSCoR proposals include.

  • Demonstrate strong technical merit.
  • Address critical needs of one or more DoD agencies.
  • Strong endorsement from the cognizant DoD program manager.
  • Build research infrastructure (people, equipment) in the state.
Researchers should not see DEPSCoR as the only avenue or entry point for obtaining DoD funding. If you are submitting a proposal through DEPSCoR, you should also be seeking funding through other DoD programs as well.

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